The SCA Gazette; Feb 2019
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From the Principal’s Desk

Dr. Davina Jackson Hicks, MBA, PhD

Head of School

February 5th, 2019

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Happy Black History Month to you all! The achievements of African-American’s in this country, and abroad, are abundant and rich. To celebrate the accomplishments of this great heritage, Sonshine will feature a new Black History Fact each morning after our devotions for the remainder of this month. Feel free to review the enclosed featured Black History Month highlights.

Sonshine would like to bid Mrs. Peggy Harriman-Adami, Director of Pre-K, farewell as she has decided to pursue a relocation opportunity in Savannah, Georgia with her husband on February 12th, her last official day with us. While we hate to see her leave, we pray God’s blessings upon she and her family. Please see enclosed Teacher Feature for more information. Another recent change is the addition of a world-renowned scientist, Mr. Khalid Parris, as a part of our Sonshine faculty. Mr. Parris is a licensed State of Ohio teacher, and highly qualified to instruct science courses for our children. Prior to Mr. Parris’ decision to teach at Sonshine, he conducted comprehensive research in the State of New York, earned a bachelor (Biochemistry) and two master’s degrees (Cell and Molecular Biochemistry, and Business Administration). We welcome Mr. Parris into our family of professional elite educators who will instruct 5th-8th grade science classes for the remainder of this school year. To focus the pool of professional talent within our school, Sonshine has made a few changes with the daily agenda (please review enclosed revised daily schedule) that will afford your child a streamlined approach to learning.

Effective third quarter, Mrs. Brown will only teach math courses for grades 5th through 8th; Mrs. Clayborne will be instructing Social Studies classes for grades 6th through 8th· and will also expose children, Kindergarten (K) through 8th, with a new Current Event’s elective. Mrs. Steele will be the English Language Arts instructor for grades 6th-8th, along with facilitating a Study Hall elective for grades K-8th in the afternoons. Mrs. Childress will be teaching Social Studies for grades 3rd and 5th, English Language Arts for the 5th graders, and will also remain the Art instructor for grades K-8th in the afternoons. Additionally, Mrs. Lee will be facilitating a Creating Writing course for grades K-8th for a new elective in the afternoon. These changes will only enhance the learning experience, as each teacher is focused on a core academic subject while preparing our 5th graders for the rotation routine that will be required of them in Middle School. Please Note the Following Dates and Information:

Please Note the Following Dates and Information:

  • Safety Tip of the month: Students are being reminded to report ANY/ALL unsafe conditions to their teachers/aides. SCA is committed to safety and will address all matters submitted to Administration.
  • Make-up PTA Meeting will be held at Sonshine on Tuesday, February 12th, at 4PM, where the following items will be discussed: Pre-K, Kindergarten, and Eighth Grade Graduations; and the Eighth Grade Trip. Please contact Ms. Unisha Moore: for PTA updates and questions.
  • Please review the updated gym schedule (enclosed) to help your children dress on the right day.

We solicit your prayers and support as we continue to advance the Kingdom of God through Educating our Youth.

In the Service of the King,

Dr. Davina Jackson Hicks, Head of School