Sonshine Christian Academy understands the importance of school competitive Athletic Programming as a vital component in student development and achievement.

Growth and development

This past year SCA Athletic Program included grades 2nd thru 8th for basketball, and grades KDG thru 8th track. 

  1. Teams are divided as follows for winter:
    A. Girls Middle School: 6-8th grades
    B. Boys Middle School: 6-8th grades
    C. Boys/Girls Co-ed Elementary Development League: 5-6th grades
    (Due to athletic development, your student may be asked to compete at advanced levels, pending Coach’s recommendation and parent/guardian permission). SCA also hots an Instructional/Developmental Co-ed Intramural Tournament for Girls/Boys 3rd –4th grades. Practice will begin immediately after Middle School League play.
  2. Track will begin in the spring after basketball season. Our track program is inclusive of all grade levels, K-8th. Parents are reminded that although SCA athletic programs are competitive, the core of the team/individual play will be to teach faith, integrity and discipline, as students grow in their athletic development. 
Boys Basketball


  1. Waivers/PhysicaIs: Middle School students (only), will require signed and completed OHSAA standard physical form before participating in our sports program. Elementary students will need a signed waiver of release/liability form only before participating. (Forms may be picked up at the school office or from Mr. Williamson.)

* (Additional Note) Parents should note any physical/medical restrictions on back of waiver/release forms.

  1. Academics: Each student athlete, while participating in any sport, must maintain an average or above average grade in all school subjects. If the student athlete drops below the above requirements, he/she will be suspended from the SCA sports program until notification that the student athlete has returned to an acceptable academic rating.
  2. Athletic Fees: In order for SCA Athletic Programs to be successful, cost for instruction, league fees, awards, trophies, banquets, etc., are incurred. Parents are asked to remit an athletic fee of $15.00 for Elementary student athlete, and $50.00 for Middle School students to reduce/defray this responsibility. This fee will cover participation in all sports for one (1) school year. All fees and waiver of release/ liability and Physical Forms must be turned into the office before participation in any sport program.
  3. Practice and Team Play for grades 3rd – 4th: Parents are reminded that teams will be under developmental coaching, with one practice per week on Thursday and games will be held on Saturday, with the league approximate start date TBA.

Sonshine Christian Academy is excited about the Athletic Programs. Parents, please encourage your children to get involved in the SCA Athletic Program.

Girls Basketball
Trophy Case