The SCA Gazette; March 2019
The March 2019 issue of the SCA Gazette has been published. Be sure to check it out!

From the Principal’s Desk

Dr. Davina Jackson Hicks, MBA, PhD

Head of School

March 8th, 2019

Dear Parents and Guardians,

The Lent Season is upon us! Lent is the time when we, as Christians, remember the life of Jesus and consecrate ourselves during the forty days leading up to Easter (the resurrection of our Lord and Savior). During this season, Sonshine Christian Academy places a special emphasis on the Christian Ethics (the right and wrong of how to handle situations) displayed among our children. We are pushing for a loving environment full of peace and joy. As a result, we have partnered with Skate Zone 71 and have decided to reward our children, who continue to display Christian moral character, with a Glow in the Dark Skating party (please see enclosed flier).

Sonshine would like to acknowledge our Honor Roll and Super Honor Roll students from the second quarter grading period. We will be recognizing our Kindergarten through Eighth Graders for their Second Quarter Scholastic Achievements on Wednesday, March 13th, directly after our Chapel service (Chapel starts at 1:00 PM, and our Honor and Super Roll Recognition will begin at 1:30 PM); Parents and Guardians are welcome to attend.

As Spring swiftly approaches, please be mindful of the Primary-school-wide testing environment that Sonshine will be entering during the last few weeks of this month. It is important that you help us stress the message of Focus, Faith, and Friendliness during this time of testing, as each child is expected to complete the State Assessments. In preparation of these exams, Sonshine Christian Academy teachers are conducting various reviews and issuing homework assignments that reflect practice questions accordingly. I would like to personally invite each family to utilize the After-School Program as a resource for your child(ren) with the help of tutors who will assist to further support the test-preparation effort. High scores are what we want to achieve, and it takes ALL of US to support each child with the extra focus they will need to meet these academic success goals.

Please Note the Following Dates and Information:

  • Safety Tip of the month: Students are being reminded to put all backpacks in their designated places (whether in the coatroom area or lockers) so as to maintain a safe and transparent environment throughout the school day.
  • PTA Scheduled Meeting: will be held at Sonshine on Thursday, March 7th, at 4PM, and Tuesday, April 2nd at 4PM, where the following items will be discussed: End of Year Graduations; Fundraisers; the Eighth Grade Trip; and Moving Details for 2019/20 School Year. Please contact Unisha Moore: for PTA updates and questions.
  • Please note that the EdChoice Scholarship is currently Open for Enrollment! Make sure to contact SCA Office Staff to secure your child’s reenrollment for next school year.

We solicit your prayers and support as we continue to advance the Kingdom of God through Educating our Youth.

In the Service of the King,

Dr. Davina Jackson Hicks, Head of School