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2020-2021 School Uniform Guidelines

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Purpose: The purpose of having a dress code is to eliminate all learning distractions related to student attire while at school. It is the policy of the school to enforce the following dress code to include all students (Prekindergarten through 8th grades) attending the Sonshine Christian Academy:


White, Blue, or Yellow (dark or pastel colors are acceptable-no logos).

Clean and Pressed: Blouses, Collared, and Polo shirts are acceptable.


Navy Blue or Beige-Khaki colors ONLY.

Clean and Pressed: Khaki pants (ankle length), Khaki Shorts, jumpers/skirts (knee-length) are acceptable. No leggings/jeggings, or form fitting pants are allowed.


Solid: black, blue, brown, or white. Stockings or tights are permitted to be worn underneath a jumper or skirt.

No Pattern Socks permitted to be worn with school uniform.


SOLID: black, brown, or white colors with black, brown, or white shoestrings ONLY.

Loafers, Tennis shoes, Boots are acceptable (no sandals or slip-on shoes with school uniform).

Accessories: cellphones, bags, belts, and ties.

All boys, grades 5th-8th, must wear a navy-blue tie with a belt (navy blue, black or brown belts) with school uniform.

All students must always keep their personal bags (and purses) with cell phones in their lockers during school hours.


Girls: No earrings touching the shoulder.

Boys: No earrings.


The following colors are allowed: natural hair colors ONLY (black, brown, etc.).


All students need to keep their hands clean and groomed.

Please follow the hair color guidelines for nail polish color choices.

NOT PERMITTED on Premises: ABSOLUTELY NO SAGGING! Did you know that the word Saggin spelled backwards is Niggas? ALL parents and friends, please do not come on our premises with sagging pants to reinforce the message of hope and excellence that we want our children to see.

ONLY SCA Hoodies and navy-blue sweaters allowed. NO Spaghetti straps; no shorts 2 inches above the knee; no hats, no slogans with profanity; no graphics and logos promoting racism; sexism; drug use, and other derogatory paraphernalia.

No Sagging; no satin caps, headscarves, bandanas, bonnets nor du-rags should be worn with school uniform. Additionally, no leggings, jeggings, or form-fitting pants of any kind.

The Sonshine Christian Academy Uniform guidelines may be amended with recommendations provided by administration and the Board of Trustees. It is the policy of our school that Faculty and Staff model these rules to make for a more connected community of intelligent thinkers. Feel free to contact any member of administration for questions regarding the implantation of this Uniform Policy. Please review the following illustrations of what acceptable attire at Sonshine Christian Academy consists of:

Dress Down Day Rules

No halter-tops, no ripped or frayed jeans, no spaghetti strapped tops, no see-through yoga pants, no derogatory or offensive printed t-shirts. Absolutely NO sagging.

Gym Day Uniforms

SCA Gym t-shirts with solid navy-blue sweatpants. Solid navy-blue t-shirts, without any logos, are acceptable. Black or White tennis shoes may be worn during gym.

2 Thessalonians 1:12, NLT: Then the name of our Lord Jesus will be honored because of the way you live, and you will be honored along with Him. This is all made possible because of the grace of our God and Lord, Jesus Christ.